Rich Veins – Word for 2019: The Year of the Choice

By January 31, 2019Rich Veins

2019 is the year where the Lord is asking us to choose between death or life, despair or hope. Deuteronomy 30:19 describes this reality and shows that the Lord is urging us to choose life. This is exactly what Bob Hartley saw in a vision about 2019, where the Lord is allowing us to choose whether this year will be full of decelerated growth due of fear, or hope that transforms our cities. Dive in deeper with Bob Fraser, Jim Maffuccio, and Bob Hartley in this continuing study of the Kingdom of God.

Best Quotes from the Show

  • “There is a spontaneous combustion of hope happening in many people that’s indomitable.”
  • “The vision I had was about a cloud covering the earth. At first it seemed negative like an explosion, but the Lord said: Is this the end or is this the beginning? You choose.” Deut. 30:19
  • “Let us build the discipline of looking up and seeing the hope that comes from Him”
  • “Hope is the building blocks of faith, which is what activates the activity of the kingdom.”
  • “Our life-saving medicine is adoration.”
  • “Our faith and our actions related to our hope will actually determine whether this city is transformed or not.”

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