Rich Veins: The Shepherd’s Rod – The Year of Grieving

By October 5, 2018Rich Veins

InfluentLIVE Season 2, Episode 5, Continuing the Rich Veins series

Every year on Yom Kippur, the Jewish new year and Day of Atonement, prophetic voice Bob Jones would have an encounter with the Lord where the church would be evaluated and given the next year’s assignment. He called this prophetic encounter the Shepherd’s Rod.

The late Jones was a mentor to Bob Hartley and good friend of Bob Fraser, and this year on Yom Kippur, Hartley had his own Shepherd’s Rod encounter.

In this encounter, Hartley saw that reformers needed to grieve loss they’ve faced in their lives, process it, and move forward. The reformers have a great invitation this year to be like Solomon, to ask for wisdom and, through a tenderizing process of grieving and meeting the Lord in the midst of pain, be able to meet and support others around them that are in real pain. This process is the way of deepening and of joy, where we encounter the Lord’s heart as ‘for us’ and advance in hope.

Hartley and Fraser share from their own personal stories of loss, and talk about other reformers they know who Hartley saw in his prophetic dream. Watch the full video for more.

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