Rich Veins: Resurrection of Reformers

By September 26, 2018Rich Veins

InfluentLIVE Season 2, Episode 2 Kicking off the Rich Veins series

Bob Hartley, spiritual patriarch and business owner, dives deep into keys for modern-day reformers and Josephs, those who are in positions of leadership that are also following where the Lord is leading, the pillars of cloud and fire.

Future episodes will detail out these rich veins, or areas of prosperity, but today is all about the heart of the matter. The foundational key for reformers? Knowing the ‘why.’

The why question is one you’ll have to ask about all areas of life. But the biggest, underlying why will be relational, about the people in your life and workplace. People are God’s purpose, and because of that, people are the root of the rich veins. We have the opportunity to tap into God’s heart for others around us and align our purpose with His. Those who will prosper will have God’s ‘why’ for the people around them, desiring to co-create with God and see His nature in every realm.

This relational why becomes the backbone of community, another key for reformers, who typically are isolated. We will see these communities start to emerge to support, believe in, and challenge one another.

Tune in to this interview and begin to ask God to unlock the ‘why’ behind your life’s purpose.

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