Rich Veins 2020

By September 26, 2018Rich Veins

InfluentLIVE Season 2, Episode 3, Continuing the Rich Veins series

In this second video in the Rich Veins series, Bob Hartley and Bob Fraser take a look at the economy from a practical and a prophetic perspective, and begin to share the keys for God’s people moving forward.

Hartley and Fraser start off the episode diving into current events topics like:

-The stock market is at an all time high. Can it be sustained?
-Emerging markets’ currencies are crashing
-Trump’s outlook as the midterm elections approach
-Where the real estate market is heading

We’re in a polarized nation politically. We’re seeing the stock market at an all time high, which history shows can’t last forever. We’re seeing emerging markets’ currency crash. Where does this leave the Lord’s people who believe in His advancing kingdom?

Perspective is everything. Our biggest challenge we face is not a moral crisis or sin stronghold, it’s hope. God says to wait on the promises. In the midst of challenges, there are always opportunities and solutions.

It’s time for God’s people to get a new operating system. The first step is to re-gather Gideons, the watchful ones and visionaries, to shake off the dust and restore the vision.

This episode is packed with truth and insights–watch the full episode to hear it all! And if you missed Episode 1, be sure to check it out.

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