RETHINK: What it Means to Reign on Earth

By November 7, 2018RETHINK

InfluentLIVE Season 2, Episode 6, Continuing the RETHINK series

When we think of the Kingdom of God, it often brings to mind a purely spiritual meaning, or what we will experience in eternal life. But here’s the exciting part: the Kingdom of God is here, right now, on earth and we are a part of reigning with God and advancing His kingdom.

The Kingdom of God is not just when someone receives salvation or healing. It is when God’s ways come to the planet – when greed is supplanted by generosity, or when kindness prevails over evil, or when love and mercy take the place of hate. These ways shift the planet everywhere they are present.

Faithfulness Means More Than Keeping Our Salvation
In Matthew 25, we read the parable of the talents, where the master goes away and entrusts his servants to handle his wealth in his absence. This parables tells us that faithfulness is not just staying the course and not falling away, but taking what you’ve been given and maximizing it. We are called to extend the reign of Christ.

So How Do We Reign?
Bringing the ways of God to earth starts first in our own lives. We learn to love Him and practice our faith. Then, by continually inviting the Lord in to our lives and asking how we can extend His kingdom in the domain we’re in, we see it begin to touch our relationships–our marriages, families, employees, coworkers.

But it doesn’t stop there. God wants the whole planet restored–its justice systems, education systems, whole cities. Our mandate is to do the works Jesus did and shift entire industries and culture. History shows us the impact a single man or woman who desires to bring the ways of God can have. Figures like William Wilberforce, Florence Nightingale, Adam Smith, John Locke, all shifted ways of thinking and doing that have brought massive impact to the world’s systems. It’s time for us to start advancing and taking ground!

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