RETHINK: A True Kingdom Perspective

By September 26, 2018RETHINK

InfluentLIVE is back for season 2, kicking off a new series, RETHINK, in this first episode

Jim Maffuccio, business partner and friend of Bob Fraser, brings a fresh perspective and depth of insight to scripture when it talks about the Kingdom of God.

Why is a rethink necessary? Many Christians in the church have a distorted view of God’s Kingdom, a fearful view that says darkness is progressively overcoming the light.

But if you look at what the Word says about the Kingdom of God, is actually paints a hopeful picture. In all the scriptures talking about the Kingdom, every one of them paints a picture of the kingdom starting small like a small seed or stone, but growing continually and growing large, until it is complete. His kingdom will never stop increasing!

In the parable of the wheat and the tares, the sons of God, signified by the wheat, grow tall and strong, right alongside the tares, which are the sons of the evil one. This is all in God’s design for a full harvest.

“God is not an idiot farmer. He planted a seed and He is letting it grow to fruition. ”

So what is man’s place in this kingdom? If we receive Jesus, we are birthed into this Kingdom. We are the salt of the earth, the light of the world, the “leaveners” in the dough. Our commission is to take the part of the kingdom seed we’ve been given, and be a multiplier of His presence, his ways, his power.

Listen to this compelling interview below!

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