RETHINK: The Gospel of Works

By January 16, 2019RETHINK

Every preacher will tell you we are saved by faith, not by works. But our works matter – more than you think – and the scriptures are adamant. The body of Christ is made up of regular people with regular activities, and what we do on a daily basis matters. Our works on earth will be our ultimate offering to the Lord at the end of our lives. Dive in deeper with Bob and Jim today in this continuing study of the Kingdom of God.

Best Quotes from the Show

  • “God’s plan from the beginning has been to display His glory through human beings in deep relationship with Him.”
  • “There is a growing appetite to live in agreement with God, that His kingdom on earth will advance from this time and forever.”
  • “God bets His life on the success of His plan to fill the earth with His glory.” (Num 14:21)
  • “The victory of the church over the enemy looks like you and me bringing God’s values to our schools, places of work and households.”
  • “This life is the only opportunity we have to offer Him hope, faith and love.”
  • “As Christians we need to become allergic to unbelief and hopelessness.”

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