RETHINK: Greater People, Greater Works

By November 16, 2018RETHINK

A personal note from Bob Fraser: I am sending this video to everyone I know and telling them ‘MUST WATCH.’ This is an absolutely mind-bending session that is one of the most inspiring and challenging things I have heard this year. Get ready for a “red-pill” moment…

InfluentLIVE Season 2, Episode 7, Continuing the RETHINK series

When we look at ourselves, most Christians don’t see powerful, overcoming men and women, greater than our Biblical heroes like Moses and Daniel. But what if that’s the actual truth of who we are, based on Jesus’ words?

Go with us on a little journey here. In Matthew 11, Jesus said about John the Baptist that there had never been a greater man. Not Elijah, not Joshua, not Moses. The context of Jesus making this statement is because John was introducing a new idea to the planet about God’s Kingdom coming to earth, which is what Jesus came to bring.

Jesus then goes on to say that in this new Kingdom, whoever is the least one, is greater than John. This means us. We are the ‘humans 2.0’ who can actually house the presence of God within us. In John 3, it says we can see the Kingdom of God when we have been born again, and then in Ephesians 1, Paul’s prayer for us is that our eyes would be enlightened to know the hope of our calling and the richness of His inheritance in us, and the greatness of His surpassing power toward us. If we see and believe these things, we won’t buy into some of the faulty theology that we’ve bought into, and we will change the world.

We’ve been given a lot of responsibility, a big kingdom to rule and reign over with Christ. But He’s given us every tool we need. We have unlimited availability of God Almighty every minute of every day. Can you believe that? If we walk as the corporate body of Christ, we will leaven this earth and see the reign of God increase.

It’s time to shift our perspective on who we are. It’s time to link arms with Jesus and start to live out our destiny. You don’t want to miss this powerful conversation!

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