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By May 20, 2016Reformation

When asked to summarize the takeaway from reading Bob Fraser’s new book Kingdom Horizon, which takes a look at the big-picture trajectory of the planet, the Starbucks Prophet, Michael Stephens, says: “There’s a lot of hope that really sunk in. It gave me vision for giving my kids a future, building a legacy and an inheritance for my children to my great-grandchildren.”

The overwhelming response people have shared with Bob after reading his book is: “I feel energized and activated to conquer.”

If you were to ask Bob what his goal was in writing this new book, he’d answer: “I want to see wholesale transformation of the planet. I want to see the billions of Christians on the planet advancing earth and being salt and light, completely changed because of the power of godliness.”

In this podcast episode, Bob Fraser chats with Michael Stephens and Jim Maffuccio, two Jesus-loving, marketplace men of deep thought and wisdom. We get to be a fly on the wall for their conversation as they dissect themes in current Christian society, and across economic, scientific, and social trends.

A Few Excerpts From the Conversation:

“Let’s say you have a crusade and a thousand people raise their hands to give their lives to Jesus, but then they go home and beat their wives –has the Kingdom of God come? But if you have the same crusade and no one raises their hand, but they go home and STOP beating their wives, has the Kingdom of God come? The Kingdom of God comes when the power of God comes, yes, but it also comes when the WAYS of God come. When people adopt God’s ways –when they give up greed and adopt generosity, when they give up selfishness and adopt love, when they give up lying and adopt integrity –that only comes from salt and light, from God’s ways.” -Bob

“The Age of Enlightenment showed some of the greatest strides in history across government, politics, science, mathematics – an entire revolution. Where are the young people now who are saying, “I’m going to be an eminent scientist!”? We have abandoned the leadership role in the planet.
If you look at big-picture trajectories across the earth – poverty, innovation, economics, war – all are improving across the board and show a picture of the Kingdom of God advancing.” -Bob

“I finally gained an understanding of the financial circumstances surrounding America in a high-level and easy to digest way.” -Michael

“In every [Biblical] picture we get of people standing before the Lord, not in one case did He ask them ‘what was your theology?’ or ‘what was your eschatology?’ But He asked them, ‘what did you do with your life?’ What you believe about the time you live in has massive implications about how you live.” -Jim

“There are other voices starting to say these same things. I believe this is a move of the Holy Spirit highlighting our role on the earth.” -Jim

Listen to the full discussion below and let us know your own thoughts if you’ve read Kingdom Horizon!

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