A Jesus Lifestyle- Part 1- Episode 14

After hearing The Starbucks Prophet podcast series, Erik Fish emailed Bob Fraser a question. Seven years prior, while ordering coffee at Starbucks, a barista prophesied over Erik and his wife, confirming a transition that would change their lives. Could this have been the same Starbucks prophet? As it turns out, it was!

In this first episode of the podcast series A Jesus Lifestyle, we find Erik at the peak of his ministry. From the outside he seemed successful, his church was growing and his family was healthy, but inside he felt he wasn’t living a Jesus centered life.

Out of desperation Erik prayed a dangerous prayer, “Lord, I want to be on the very edge of what you’re doing…or I want to quit ministry.”

Fast-forward a couple of months and Erik finds himself in the midst of a Jesus movement at one of the largest Native American Universities in America. All of which he accredits to one thing: A Jesus Lifestyle.
Find out more about living a Jesus lifestyle by listening below and tune in next week to hear how you too can see a move of God in your day-to-day life:

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