Find Your Personal Mandate- Episode 17

Last week on the Influent Podcast Buying Time, award-winning professor and researcher Dr. Marsha Huber explained how buying time and realizing that God is interested in your career shaped the way she approached her work and ultimately led her to be the influential woman she is today. If you missed last week’s podcast, pause and listen to it before listening to this. You won’t regret it!

This week Marsha and Bob Fraser discuss how to build success through finding your personal mandate. In December of 2005 after attending a faculty training on teaching, she began the process of redefining how to love and instruct her students as she committed herself to becoming an influential scholar.

After one night of dreaming with God, Marsha was left with career-altering methods of teaching that looked different than what she had offered in the past, and that helped her successfully engage her students in a way she could never have imagined. Not only were the students inspired, but that one night of dreaming with God landed Marsha three awards on innovative teaching! And that was just the beginning.

From there Marsha would continue to build a platform on which she would influence society and affect change with her gifts. Hear how inviting God into her work, creating space for creativity and dreaming has led to unprecedented professional success and greater intimacy with God!

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