Kingdom Horizon

The greatest days of planet earth are on the horizon. Contrary to popular belief, we actually have a bright future on planet earth. Yes, there are plenty of challenges to tackle, no question. But history and the Bible tell a very different story. You may be surprised to learn how much the earth has changed in the 2,000 years since Jesus’ birth — for the better!

Discover some eye-popping charts and facts on:

  • Homicides
  • Poverty
  • Liberty
  • Abortion
  • …And dozens more

And while there seems to be no shortage of worry about the end-of-the-world scenarios, find out the truth about:

  • The national debt and economic collapse
  • God’s judgment on our nation
  • What the Bible says about the future of the earth

Author Robert Fraser takes a fresh look at the big-picture trajectory of planet earth from a biblical, historical, economic, and scientific perspective. Get ready for a surprising and refreshing perspective of your future.

What Are They Saying About the Book?

Mick M.

“I read Marketplace Christianity, also by Bob Fraser, back in 2005. It was a paradigm-shifting book for me… one of the top 3 most transforming books I’ve read. Kingdom Horizon had a similar impact on me. It’s hard – even as a pastor – to see through all the pessimism in our (Christian) culture concerning the world we live in. Fraser systematically (and convincingly!) debunks some of the most pervasive myths surrounding how global affairs are trending, offering one of the most comprehensive overviews of human history from a Kingdom perspective available. I deeply appreciate his commitment to thoroughness, intellectual honesty, and excellence in his treatment of these difficult eschatological themes… transposing ideas usually reserved for the world of theologians into language that is accessible to just about anyone. A must read!”

David L.

“I was privileged to read this prior to print and it’s a game changer!!! Seriously…my friend Bob Fraser has written a book that will shift your perspective on where the world is heading and how amazing God has been in our history w/ amazing eye-opening real data to support. It will psych you up to engage the “world” like never before. Daniels and Esther’s, Joseph’s and all…it’s time to rock the world!! I am personally going to buy a truck load to give away!”

Chauncey H.

“Just finished reading your new book … WOW … You sure got me thinking!

I love being challenged by renegade approaches, going against my thoughts and what most folks around me believe.

Thanks bro!”

Jessica B.

“I appreciate the message of this book! With all the doom, gloom and fear being choked down so many avenues I am glad to hear a voice of hope encouraging the reader to have excitement for the future. This isn’t a naively written manuscript singing a hope in the future song; rather a fact-based book that shows the triumph of the people throughout generations, the promise of the Lord that the Kingdom will advance, and the practicality that although there will always be some reason to fear it doesn’t mean that we should.

Keep these messages coming, we need more hope in this great time!”

James M.

“In Matthew 13, Jesus provided a clear and concise overview of life on the planet and the “end of the age”. God is likened to a farmer who has planted His Kingdom seed (wheat) in HIS field (the world), while an enemy has sown weeds (tares). They were to “grow together” until the final harvest (the end of the age), at which time the tares are gathered out of “HIS Kingdom”! In Kingdom Horizon, Fraser has given us a compelling, fact-based view of God’s planting so far. Turns out, our God is a really good farmer, and though not fully ready for harvest, His field is coming along just fine! Signs of wheat everywhere! My hope and expectation is that Fraser’s book and message will help compel a generation to put on new hope-filled lenses, no longer focused on weeds, but joyfully thriving to “wheaten” the whole field which our Favorite Farmer has planted! You will feel Present Hope awaken as you read this book and ponder its implications.”

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Kingdom Horizon Video Series

Have you read the book and want more? You’re in luck! Fraser has an 11-part video series diving into the topics covered in Kingdom Horizon in even more detail. Watch the first video below and become a premium member to see the rest.

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