The Starbucks Prophet – Podcast Episode 08

Affectionately nicknamed the ‘Starbucks Prophet,’ Michael Stephens is a Jesus-loving man who has cultivated a practice of listening to the Lord and bringing him into the workplace.

His story starts in Starbucks where, fresh out of ministry school, he was determined to turn his job into his ministry and pray and prophesy over customers while at work. After the first encounter with some customers where he shared God’s heart with two ladies, he caught a vision –what if people came to Starbucks to hear the Lord?

Michael shares dozens of stories in this podcast episode (and next week’s part 2) of listening to the Lord and hearing whispers from the Holy Spirit about the customers he had been praying for. Time and time again, he got to see firsthand the Lord meet and impact people in a deep and personal way. In the process, he learned how to turn his work into worship and encounter God in this area of his life. Listen to his story!

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