Buying Time- Episode 16

By July 29, 2016God in the Workplace

July 5, 2005: Award-winning accounting professor Dr. Marsha Huber of Youngstown State University arrives at a Joseph International event with a lot of professional accomplishments, degrees and emotional burdens.

Although she owned a CPA business and had a portfolio of real estate investments along with her position at the University, she was disappointed in her spiritual and business life. Marsha was overwhelmed with commitments, persecuted at work and felt second class spiritually because she worked in the marketplace. She felt stuck.

Walking into what she thought was a work networking event, she heard Bob Fraser speak about inviting Jesus into the marketplace and having vision for your work. By the time she left, she believed that God had purpose for her where she worked and was determined to change her life.

Today’s podcast tracks alongside her incredible transformation of learning how to simply life and buy time. This is the idea of making space to spend your time on more fruitful activities in your life which allowed Marsha to invest in places where God called her to instead of spreading herself thin.

Now Marsha has peace and is experiencing even more professional successful than ever before! She is a visiting scholar at Harvard University, has won several awards for her research, and has not only met many influential people but has become one herself. All because she believed that Jesus cared about what she was doing with her work and brought Him into the process!

Hear more of Marsha’s story and learn how to buy time on today’s podcast! You don’t want to miss this!

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