Proverbs 31 Woman Rocks Business

By December 13, 2017Business, Devotion, Leadership

“Paradigms are like glasses”, says Sean Covey, and having an incomplete paradigm is like wearing glasses with the wrong prescription. We may see the picture, but it may be a little fuzzy and without full form. This applies to the way we read and interpret scripture. For example, how do we view the well-known passage in Proverbs 31? Is the virtuous woman more than just a great wife and a great mother? Does our paradigm include the scripturally-based fact that she is also an accomplished business woman? After all, she bought a field, planted a vineyard with the profits, engaged in profitable trading, and commercially produced clothing (sashes). She is widely accepted as one of the best examples of a wife with noble character, but isn’t she also a business woman with noble character? In this week’s podcast, Bob Fraser engages three modern-day Proverbs 31 women (Amber McCool, Hannah Maher, and Deborah Fraser) about this passage and begins to reconcile the idea that the woman in question is indeed great in the home, but she is also great in business. And her role in business is no less important than her role in the home. We invite you to think through this topic with us this week and send us any feedback you may have!

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