Kingdom Leadership – Interview with Les Woller

Today on InfluentLIVE we have Les Woller, a leadership consultant to Fortune 500 companies for the past three decades, sharing his insight into Kingdom Leadership.

Follow along as he redefines leadership as a willingness and ability to support and serve others so they can discover meaning and effectively meet challenges they’ll be confronted with, aligning with Kingdom values. “Values are not a set of preferences or aspirations. They are firmly held beliefs that we use regularly to shape our behavior and make decisions.”

As a young manager, Les was assigned to the lowest-performing division at his company. Having little experience in his career thus far, every morning Les took a clipboard and asked his employees what roadblocks needed to be removed for them to do their job the way they thought it ought to be done. Within one year, his division went from the bottom to the top performing division in the company.

“Leaders create meaning so that others can think and act.”

Reap the wisdom of a man who has served as VP of one of the world’s largest contract research firms and applied the biblical principles of leadership to enjoy a long and fruitful career. This episode is chalk full of strategic leadership advice, God-breathed encouragement, and testimony from a man who’s “walked the walk.”

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