Biblical Secrets of Wealth Creation


This may surprise you, but did you know the Bible talks about wealth creation? As far as money goes, a lot of people think the Bible is just about vows of poverty and various things, but the Bible talks a ton about wealth creation. In fact, some of the main characters in the Bible were wealthy, fabulously wealthy: David, Abraham, Solomon, Job, to name a few. The Bible, in fact, does not condemn wealth, but gives many, many keys, that are now being proven as the main keys of wealth creation. We’re  going  to  take  a  little  tour through  the  Bible  and  figure  out  what  it  says about wealth creation.

The Bible  is amazing —It’s the oldest of the ancient texts, written between 2,000 years ago and 3,500 years ago. Some 40 authors contributed over a 1500-year  span,  and it contains some 8,000 predictions in it. One author showed 3,268 predictions  have already  been  fulfilled  in the  Bible. It predates nearly all the other ancient texts, the Celtic, the Hindu, the Buddhist. It’s  not  just  one  little  story  that  was  carved  in  a stone; it’s a massive set of stories that contains history, poetry, wisdom, prophecy. It’s still being mined by scholars and by students for its secrets. The Bible has given even many science facts that only in the last few hundreds of years were proven to be true. There are scriptures that described the earth being a sphere and that floated that in free space. They talked about the oceans having springs and mountains before  anyone  understood  any  of  these  things.  It’s  an  amazing  resource  with  amazing secrets.

Now as I said, the Bible has many, many secrets about wealth creation. What are the keys to creating wealth?  We’re going to dive in and look at some of these. Some of the wealthiest,  most  successful  individuals  in  history  attributed  the  Bible  and  the  Bible secrets as their means to success, including John D. Rockefeller. He made more money than any  man  in  history. It’s estimated that he had 90% monopoly over the oil  industry back in the early days; Mutual Fund pioneer, John Templeton; Coca-Cola founder, Aca Candler.  Many,  many  greats,  thousands  of  people  have  attributed  the  Bible  to  their success.

Me, I’m Bob Fraser and I’ve been a serial entrepreneur. I’ve started many businesses. In the late 90s, I started an internet company. We raised $44 million in venture capital  and  became  the  fastest  growing  businesses  in  the  United  States.  In  the  year  2000,  I  won  the  Ernst  and  Young Entrepreneur  of  the  Year  award.  I  love  business.  I  love  people  making  money.  I  love people succeeding and winning. I am an avid student of the Bible, and we’re going to take a look at what the Bible says about wealth creation in these few sessions. Ready to dive in?

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Watch the four-part video series to learn what the Bible has to say about making money.

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