Wheat and Tares – Podcast Episode 13

This week Bob Fraser is joined by Michael Stephens (aka: The Starbucks prophet- listen here and here) and Jim Maffuccio to engage in a hopeful discussion about the Parable of the Wheat and Tares and the effect that has on Jesus followers interacting with their day-to-day environment.

To start, Michael shares a conviction he felt from the Holy Spirit, “You need to be tare aware but wheat focused”, speaking of the parable in Matthew 13.

Meaning we should be aware that there are undeniably rotten and evil things in the world, but be focused on the Kingdom of God on earth. There is God-sown hope that followers of Jesus are called to bring into the world. Of course, this requires us to be in the midst of the world around us- in the business world, the coffee shops, the banks- sharing the hope of Jesus and doing our work well.

This poses the question: If you were not focused on the negative, would you live your life differently? And would that life look similar to the way Jesus taught us to live? If so, this podcast is sure to light a fire in you to live your life with zeal and to shift your focus to the wheat while being tare aware.

Listen to the entire episode below:

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