Meet a 15-Year-Old Reformer

You’re never too young to make an impact. This week’s guest Sam Riddle, a 15-year-old reformer, is blazing the trail by rallying his generation to develop a strong work ethic, free of distraction, in order to see America transformed for Jesus.

Inspired by a trip to DC and an early participation in the Ohio Christian Alliance with his father, Sam has been preparing to serve in government by diligently studying politics, the stock market, and the education system from a young age. 

“Christians in politics, that’s what’s going to change the nation. If adults really care about the next generation, do something about the direction our society is going.”

Sam’s vision for Christians involved in the government is truly inspiring and will surely put a fire under you to take part in today’s political climate. Hear more from Sam on the podcast or by watching the video below.