Your Mission: Be Salt and Light

Today we think of salt as flavor, something that makes even Brussels sprouts palatable, but in Jesus’ day it was the only way to preserve food from spoiling. It was anti-rot, a curative and His purpose for the church.

When Jesus declared in Matthew 5:13 that we are the salt and light of the earth, He meant that we (His disciples) are made to go to rotting, dark places to prevent decay and call forth light.

In other words, we are tasked with a mission to transform the environments in which we are placed.

What does that mean for us today?

It means we need to be out in the world – running businesses, in education and healthcare systems, serving tables – finding the places and people without hope and loving them well while working with excellence.

It means we need to take active, contributing roles in our societies in order to affect change.

If we just clump together with likeminded people, we are heaping salt-on-salt and light-on-light, bringing about no real transformation.

Do you feel called to start a business? Then do it! Build your company on Kingdom principles, employ tons of people and treat them with kindness and respect!

Be salt!

Are you working your way through school at a coffee shop? Then make the best latte in the world and encourage your customers like Michael Stephens aka: the “Starbucks Prophet.”

Be light!

God made you with a specific set of passions because you reflect a piece of His own character. He is so multifaceted it takes billions and billions of people to express all his passions and interests and He entrusted you with them.

He chose you to house his plans for the world, to be expressed in business and art and science. It is our privilege and responsibility to share those passions with the world around us. We are to let our light shine in the darkness so that others might see the glory of God himself!

It’s our mission to be salt and light. Do not hold back.