The Jesus Jail – The Inception – Podcast Episode 05

When Bob Fraser sent a reporter out to Christian-owned jail, Integrity Correctional Centers, she came back and said that as she walked down the hallways, prisoners would lean out of their cells and yell at her, “Do you know Jesus??”

Bill Corum and Dave Burris talk about the inception of Integrity Correctional, a private jail that housed prisoners for 22 cities in Missouri. Bill, a former drug addict and felon, became involved in prison ministry and got a front row view of the penal system. He and Dave developed a vision to build their own jail, wanting to create a place that valued incarcerated men and women as human beings, not just a number in the system. With half the jail’s staff of 65 employees being Christians determined to live their lives humbly with love, the jail impacted many lives –helping prisoners meet Jesus and turn their lives around. ICC has received numerous letters from former incarcerated individuals thanking the staff for the way they were treated during their stays.

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