The Jesus Jail – The Investor – Podcast Episode 07

This is part 3 of 3 in the Jesus Jail series. If you missed the earlier episodes, make sure you check out Part 1 – The Inception, and Part 2 – The Full Story.

In the first two parts to this story, Bob Fraser interviewed Dave Burris and Bill Corum – the founders and directors of the private Jesus Jail, Integrity Correctional Centers (ICC). In this part of the story, we hear from Bernie Zarda, the tender-hearted investor that made opening this jail possible.

As a businessman, Bernie wanted to find an investment that was sound from a business perspective and would make money, but that also had a Kingdom purpose. What he wasn’t prepared for, was the ministry side. In a jail, you intercept people at a crossroads in their life –potentially heading down a bad path, but not yet sentenced to long-term time in prison. Being able to love these men and women where they were at for however long they were at ICC, brought the Lord’s love and made lasting change. Many inmates didn’t want to leave the jail.

Even when ICC was consistently losing money year after year, the testimonies of the inmates so moved Bernie he knew it was still worthwhile. “If we really believe that it’s God’s money, and we know that it’s changing lives… that’s what it was supposed to do.” Listen to the full story!

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