Islamic Refugees in Europe, with a Jesus Twist – Episode 11

By June 2, 2016Blog, Devotion, Reformation

Pastor Klaus-Dieter Passon, senior pastor of the Jesus House, a small church in Dusseldorf, Germany, shares an up-close and personal look into some stories of the refugee crisis in Europe.

Pastor Passon calls what’s happening with his church ‘reverse mission.’ –God brings people to them from Iran, Afghanistan, Syria, and many other countries, so their church can minister to and love on these refugees, many of whom continue on or return to their own kinsmen completely transformed. Refugees have experienced trauma, they have lost their homes and their lives have often been destroyed. It is in this place of brokenness and desperation, than the simple love of their German brothers powerfully opens hearts to hear the gospel and receive Jesus.

One story shared in this podcast is of an Ethiopian Imam dying from AIDS who, when lying on a hospital bed, sees a vision of Jesus and gets healed from his illness. The Imam then began to preach about Jesus out of the Koran and started discipleship groups in his mosque in Addis Ababa. Threatened with death once it became clear what he was doing, he became a refugee in Dusseldorf, preaching Jesus and evangelizing wherever he went before returning home when the immediate danger had passed.

This church is one tiny piece of a much larger scale of activity across Germany and Europe. Jesus loves the nations and is always changing things for good. Take 20 minutes and listen –you will be encouraged!

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