Education as Mission – Podcast Episode 12

Let’s travel to Dusseldorf, Germany, where Bob Fraser sits down with Joan Dellbruegge, who shares about her childhood experience where education was used as a medium to share the gospel.

Joan grew up in Malaysia, a primarily Muslim nation, where it is illegal to talk about the gospel with any Muslim. Though she was raised in a Buddhist family, Joan attended a Christian school because it was one of the best schools in Malaysia. The political leaders of the country would often send their children to attend this school and other Christian schools because of the high academic standards. In these schools, the Christian teachers would teach about the Bible. For Joan’s class, out of 47 students, 45 attended classes on Bible Knowledge. The seeds of the gospel were planted, and years later Joan became a Christian while in Germany. When looking over her classmates now, around 30 out of those 47 are now Christians.

A friend of Joan’s started a Christian school, one of the cheapest private schools in all of Malaysia, primarily for middle class, professional parents who want their children to have a good education. In her school, children of all religions are welcome, but Bible knowledge classes are offered beginning with kindergarten. This highlights one of the most incredible areas of opportunity, where Christians are welcomed into a Muslim nation, being given the freedom to help shape young minds and share with them about the gospel, planting seeds before their worldviews are defined. Because English-speakers and Western education are highly valued, a private Christian school can be accepted and welcomed, even among the devout Muslim population.

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