About Influent

Influent is an organization designed to develop leaders who influence society on a global scale. We provide transformational resources in the form of educational books, videos and podcasts on topics such as business and walking out a practical Christian lifestyle.

This initiative springs from the center of our hearts and is driven by a desire to see men and women experiencing the fullness of God in the marketplace. We are passionate about equipping marketplace Christians to experience God while walking out their callings.

Our energy and efforts are focused on putting pen to paper and sharing with you all the many insights, stories, and practical wisdom the Lord has been stirring in our hearts for a long time. We have been developing life-changing content for over a decade—and this is the launchpad that will broadcast the message. Many today do not want to fly to an event in Kansas City, but prefer to take courses and consume content at their own pace and in their own home. Influent is our answer. We invite you to walk with us on this journey! Stay tuned for a schedule of conferences and events for 2018…

Meet Robert

Robert Fraser is the Founder and Chairman of Influent, and the chief writer behind the content found on this site. Fraser founded an e-commerce provider for business customers, including Xerox, Chase Manhattan Bank, and Samsung. He raised $44 million in investment capital and guided the company to an average of 20 percent month-to-month revenue growth over 6 years, becoming the Kansas City metro area’s fastest growing company between 1997 and 1999. In 2000, Fraser received the Midwest Region Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award.